Megan Dunford and Sally Lemsford are the Head Librarians. They have been growing their own personal Zine Collections for a while and bringing them together to create a bountiful Mobile Zine Library seemed like the next logical step. We collect Zines of all shapes and sizes and are planning on touring the library and run some workshops very soon…

Megan Dunford

Co-Founder & Head Librarian

Megan is in awe of anything illustrative or the printed page. Stationery really does it for her and she has a love of vintage fabricky things, offensively colourful prints and text-based tomfoolery.

Sally Lemsford

Co-Founder & Head Librarian

Critical engagement within the social context: using everyday objects, zines and participatory performance to make temporary relationships with diverse people, offering them the opportunity to look afresh at their own space and lives – shared experiences of art as process, art as traces, art as intervention.