All our updates and events we share here. Instagram challenges, Workshops, tours and where and when we are appearing next.. whether that’s virtually or in person!

  • January’21 – Today we put aside a whole day to have our virtual meet. We started with an 8am, Walk & Talk. Try this – it’s great fun. We both choose a 30 min route, we walk and talk about our focus, projects, the zines we’ve been making, collaboratives ideas for projects. When we get home we have 10 minutes to make a zine to get ideas down and process thoughts. Zines are great like this. Followed by time to distill our manifesto that we started last year at Aspex, Portsmouth and two interesting conversations with SW based curators/directors, and a talk on curating and DIY to finish the day.

    We are using this year for much needed R&D for the Just in Case Zine Library, trying out ideas, growing our collaborative network, moving our boat forward.

    Get in touch if you want to collaborate or are curious!

    Choose your Words. Sally’s Walk and Talk Zine.

    December ’21 – We were invited to take part in the December Co-Lab at JOLT, Gloucester. Our workshop was about personal manifestos. The young producers and artists in the room were asked to think about what is visible and what’s on the inside, then what elements are important to move their boat forward, followed by the pace and the direction. This was a fantastic opportunity for those in the room to think about how they wanted to move forward and progress through the process of collaborative thinking, discussion and of course, zine making.

  • September ’21 – We were feeling productive and back in the groove of things after a busy summer for both of us. We were very grateful to the wonderful Aspex in Portsmouth for allowing us the time and space to work in their studio. After both having terrible journeys that morning, we arrived in a less than productive mood, but maintained that was part of the process.

    Collage conversation on the wall, that evolved as our ideas and responses did. Post-its at the start at the day, concealed in recycled colourful envelopes until we were ready to share our separate thoughts – which in the end seemed almost the same.

    We were able to use the space and time to synchronise our aims to the Just in Case Zine Library, our plans, who we want to work with and how. Now we are busy finding projects and ideas that fit our ‘work in progress’ manifesto, learning and adjusting as we do so.


    March’21AFTER ILLUSION Instagram Residency – proved to be a fantastic way for us to collaborate and challenge ourselves. See the Zine we created from it HERE or click on the image below. You can also listen to a 10 min conversation of our experience of the residency at the back and HERE.

  • February ’21 – Instagram Challenge – BEING AT THE TABLE – Open to anybody and everybody! A collaborative zine.

  • January ’21 JICZ Challenge – Find out how to get involved and the themes each week on our Instagram. This challenge was a great way to talk to Zinsters via Instagram in an interesting way!