to our audio zine workshop. You will need a few odd magazines, paper, gluestick or tape and something to write with.

This audio workshop has been specially created for Pen & Ink Convention, Newton Abbot Library

Let us take you on a journey…

(transcript coming soon)

  • October ’22 – ART WITH WORDS: Zine Fair at City Arts Newbury. A great space/time for new ideas and formats… great conversations… a real richness of discussions on various topics. People who came were very interested and open minded to learn about zines; most stayed for a long time. Many of the 50 visitors were new to City Arts too. As visitors said, “ This was much better than I thought it would be.”  “Thank you – I now know what Zines are.”  “I wasn’t expecting so much inspiration. It’s brilliant!” And it gave us the chance to collaborate with Isabel Carmona and to test a Zine Fair format at this inclusive and open venue.

    Zines, goody bags full of surprises, stickers + a whole lot more for sale.

    Rant Zines – what do you want to say OUT LOUD?

    June ’22 – Andover Arts Trail. We were invited to be part of Chapel Art Studios Art Trail in Andover. Using community as a starting point we invited people to make an A4 page about what they thought made Andover special or interesting. Over 6 hours of collage, sticking, cutting, scribbling as the floor of the library filled with paper offcuts! Around 150 people came along, told us about their Andover and contributed their pages. Zinsters took the original home and we took photocopies to turn into a collaborative zine, that CAS Arts have a copy of.

    May’22 – We continue conversations across virtual fields! Using those moments we get together to talk through plans for the year, our own practice and we find time to make a quick zine when we can!

    February’22 – We are using this year to test different ideas whilst growing our working partnerships and network. Nothing is off limits and we are reaching out to creatives, zinsters, spaces, events and organisations to see where it takes us! Experimentation, new spaces and risks are what it’s about! We spent time at City Arts Newbury, using their upstairs Mezzanine space to work through ideas and set up the library for viewing. The afternoon was a 1 hour workshop with three participants who support the space in some way. The Workshop was called ‘Megaphone to Whisper’ and we invited people to share what they want to speak up about, both with regards to the space we were in and how we can celebrate City Arts, as well as in their roles and personal practice. Great conversation and we created a collaborative zine, which challenged us all!

    Megaphone to Whisper Workshop at City Arts Newbury

    February’22 – We continue with our Walk, Talk and Make Zines. Working apart in a collaborative way can be a challenge, but we always like a challenge. Moving away from each other has meant we’ve had to connect in different way. The Walk, Talk and Make allows us time to process ideas, get outside and walk which is great for our wellbeing and then come back and condense our chat into a quick zine. This method allows room for conversation, but the making can be intuitive!

    Sally Lemsford’s first Walk and Talk Zine!

    January’22 – Today we put aside a whole day to have our virtual meet. We started with an 8am, Walk & Talk. Try this – it’s great fun. We both choose a 30 min route, we walk and talk about our focus, projects, the zines we’ve been making, collaboratives ideas for projects. When we get home we have 10 minutes to make a zine to get ideas down and process thoughts. Zines are great like this. Followed by time to distill our manifesto that we started last year at Aspex, Portsmouth and two interesting conversations with SW based curators/directors, and a talk on curating and DIY to finish the day.

    We are using this year for much needed R&D for the Just in Case Zine Library, trying out ideas, growing our collaborative network, moving our boat forward.

    Get in touch if you want to collaborate or are curious!

    Choose your Words. Sally’s Walk and Talk Zine.

    December ’21 – We were invited to take part in the December Co-Lab at JOLT, Gloucester. Our workshop was about personal manifestos. The young producers and artists in the room were asked to think about what is visible and what’s on the inside, then what elements are important to move their boat forward, followed by the pace and the direction. This was a fantastic opportunity for those in the room to think about how they wanted to move forward and progress through the process of collaborative thinking, discussion and of course, zine making.

    September’21 – We spent a joyful and productive day at Aspex and were given in kind space for 1/2 day to work on ideas for our manifesto. Focus on the who, what, where, when, why and how. We collaged a mood board to start the day, after moving the space around. Using the walls and our materials to prompt ideas and discussion. Thank you to Aspex and in particular Vickie Fear for her support and time.


    March’21AFTER ILLUSION Instagram Residency – proved to be a fantastic way for us to collaborate and challenge ourselves. See the Zine we created from it HERE or click on the image below. You can also listen to a 10 min conversation of our experience of the residency at the back and HERE.

  • February ’21 – Instagram Challenge – BEING AT THE TABLE – Open to anybody and everybody! A collaborative zine.


  • January ’21 JICZ Challenge – Find out how to get involved and the themes each week on our Instagram. This challenge was a great way to talk to Zinsters via Instagram in an interesting way!