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We use this space to share our zines and special editions and rarities from our Library you NEED to be introduced to!

WINTER 2021 – TOP PICKS! Chosen by Sally

I’ve chosen these as they were created in significant moments for Meg and me and became building blocks for Just In Case Zine Library. They all have collaboration, provocation and fun embedded in their creation.

> PICK 1 : Disruptors: making a collaborative space for SEAFAIR artists sharing their work and aspirations at a Pecha Kucha. 2019

> PICK 2: Old Vessels New Recipes: documenting a virtual dinner party raising funds for Bridport Refugee Support Campaign. 2020 https://issuu.com/meg7989/docs/oldvesselsnewrecipessf20

> PICK 3: Minifesto: giving a voice to participants at the initial SEAFAIR get-together, who became a loose affiliation of artists supporting artists. 2018. https://issuu.com/meg7989/docs/seafair_minifesto__1

SUMMER ’21 TOP PICKS (clockwise from top left) Chosen by Meg

>WHY BOUNDARIES ARE IMPORTANT IN YOUR WRITING LIFE – BY JESSICA – jessicamaybury.com / @jessicabynight for more info! I love this simple handmade zine, lots of bright colours and simple but well put points to inspire you to create boundaries, the best kind of boundaries!

>URBAN YARD PLANTS – A beginning guide for the backyard botanist by Jennifer Walker – @grousygirl. Gorgeous drawings of essentially the things we all think are weeds! Full of lots of useful information, facts, details! Get a copy of it, you won’t regret it

> BACK OF THE GIG ISSUE #8 The Curious Incident of No Gigs In The Night Time by @backofthegig / backofthegigzines.bandcamp.com. For the lover of all things gigs. I share the passion of this Zine. Gigs are about so much more than just listening to music, seeing a band. This wonder includes a poem, a board game, why it’s important to bring back comperes at gigs, graphic novel style reviews of gigs and (my personal favourite) Seating Reviews! Yes please. What a treasure, get yours today!

> A WALK TAKES AN IDEA A LITTLE FURTHER. A short sharp zine, made after a walk and fruitful phone conversation with my fellow head librarian. Whilst I did a 6km route around my house I spoke to Sally about all the wild plans and ideas we have for the Just in Case Zine Library. It was so nice to have a proper catch up, the lockdowns, our lifestyles and geographical location has meant we are further away than before. But we are motivated and full of plans! It reminded me that staying in touch with your collaborators and particularly your creativity is essential! You can sign up to our newly made mailing list if you’re keen to hear more about our plans 🙂

Head Librarian Sally Lemsford, shares some of her Zines from 2020-2021!